Design for me is not a means to an end. It is the journey I choose to make

From creating made to measure magic at her studio in Banaras in 2004 to having its presence in stores across India since 2012, label Chhaya Mehrotra has indeed come a long way. After graduating in commerce from BHU, Chhaya went on to pursue a course in Textile Design and Development at NIFT.

Member of the prestigious Fashion Design Council of India, Label Chhaya Mehrotra has been showcasing at the Fashion Week since 2012. Chhaya was appointed as a member on the Board of Advisors to DC-Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, in the year 2006. Chhaya was also one of the top 20 finalists at the Vogue India Fashion Fund 2014.

Born out of her love for fashion and learning in textiles this namesake label finds its core values in the echoes of her experiences growing up in Banaras-a city she calls home. Imbibing closely from her father who was the pioneer of hand block printing in Banaras and started one of the first saree retail stores in Kolkata more than half a century ago, it is only legit that she nurtured a dream to carve her own distinct legacy.

Spirited with the richness of prints, hand embroidery, innovations in weaving and a mélange of textiles from different corners of the country, Chhaya never ceases to surprise with her creative streak. It has only won her patrons in buyers, connoisseurs and critics alike! In her own words, “Being versatile is my design virtue, I love romancing French laces as much, as I enjoy working with handloom fabrics from my very own city”.

Memories and Poetry find a maintstay in her design inspiration. Her sensitivity to human relationships and a keen interest in travel, history of a place, its people and their crafts only heightens its rich impression in her designs. Her muse is the self reliant woman who chooses to chart new horizons everyday even though she is firmly rooted in her beliefs!

Breezy tunics are a staple and Sarees are her forte. The label puts forth a wide range of luxury pret and diffusion collections each year apart from its exquisite line of affordable couture.

Keeping in tandem with the times, the label infuses modern technology like digital printing, computerized embroidery and rhinestones seamlessly into its very traditional ethos and out comes a repertoire of work that has its own distinguished charm. And yes! the brand thrives on its delectable sense of color, a relentless pursuit for quality and an eye for finesse in the smallest detail.

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